An organisation’s effectiveness is what draws staff and customers closer.

TalentGrid Ventures knows the Asia Pacific healthcare and IT industry very well and caters effectively to the needs of these industries. We customise our services to focus on all sectors of the market demographics and help our clients to reduce costs by improving work processes and management systems.

By working closely with our trainers and clients, we are able to offer exclusive resources to analyse and diagnose individual and organisational needs regardless of size or purpose, in order to boost your capabilities and competencies.

Available Trainings

Becoming a High Reliability Organisation: Operational Advice for Hospital and Clinical Leaders [Masterclass]

SGD 3,500 (4-Day Programme)

The workshop is built around real world case studies and hands-on exercises and games will focus on practical lessons towards becoming a high reliability organisation built around the clinical microsystem. Learners will appreciate why four themes in healthcare settings may help to explain at least a portion of the gap in process reliability between health care and other industries. Learners will focus on improving reliability through better process design, building a culture of reliability and leveraging human factors by creating intuitive designs that help people do the right thing.

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Cyber-security Masterclass for Managers

SGD 1,800 (2-Day Programme)

Cyber-security and data security issues abound today and increasingly so, with the continued proliferation of internet-borne and mobile services, with new and more powerful devices and more connectivity, the jeopardous combination of new hacking methods and new motivations for hacking - cyber-terrorism, hactivism, cyber-crime.

The course will be conducted in a candid, interactive and stimulating classroom manner.

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Singapore mini-MD

SGD 1,500 (2-Day Programme)

The Singapore mini-MD empowers professionals with the basic knowledge of medical sciences so that they can spark innovation, foster collaboration, and be able to consider issues beyond the limits of their individual areas of expertise. Professionals involved in the health and biomedical technologies must communicate effectively and recognise medical needs clearly and deeply. When researching and developing biomedical technologies, appreciating how physicians think as well as efficiently collaborating with clinicians is essential. Understanding the wider context of medicine and healthcare is critical to effective innovation, implementation, government policy, and business decisions.

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